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Webix Uploader is a JavaScript widget that provides an easy and reliable way to upload data to the server
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13 December 2013

Editor's review

Uploading data to any server incurs many hassles and there are several restrictions that are typically imposed by the server administrators. So a tool that can help in uploading all kinds of documents or other items on the server in safe and easy way is highly essential. Therefore complying on your need we have got a solution which has given the possibility of uploading items to server in very effortless manner. And this application that we have got with us is nothing but Webix Uploader 1. Via this solution you get the ability to quickly manage any kind of uploading of data on to the server in not just less amount of time but the entire activity is safe and competitively advanced than using any other tool in its class.

Specially designed for uploading items on the server, Webix Uploader 1 executes the uploading task at a very easy and effectual manner. The utility allows you to browse through your system, select all the files and enable you to upload them on the server. In case you are in no mood to use the browse feature, just drag the files and drop them on the tool. Webix Uploader 1 offers a clean and unsophisticated platform where you get the chance of confirming them and upload only those which are relevant. This greatly helps in restricting yourself in uploading the wrong documents saving your time of unnecessary task and also saves your time. All the documents are untampered and are neatly uploaded on the server. The tool works perfectly on all kinds of contemporary browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, IE and the likes.

Webix Uploader 1 is a fantastic uploader tool that can show you the progress of uploading and makes the complete task very easy and safe. Hence for all that Webix Uploader 1 offers a 3 star rating aptly sits against it.

Publisher's description

Webix Uploader is a JavaScript widget that provides an easy and reliable way to upload data to the server. This widget allows you to browse directories in your PC and choose important files while also supporting a function that allows you to drag-and-drop files into its work area.
Webix Uploader allows multiple files to be uploaded at once and also allows you to set restrictions on the amount of files being uploaded.
Before uploading certain files on the server you can place all of them in Webix Uploader like in Shopping Cart and after checking the content start the uploading process.
The feature progress bar enables your end user can keep track of the upload speed.
Uploader can be included into the document body section inside HTML form tags, and these forms also allow you to name the folder where uploaded files will be placed.
Invisible uploader lets you trigger the process of uploading without pushing the dedicated control. It is used alongside data management widgets and allows you to edit pictures client side.
Webix Uploader operates greatly in most modern browsers like IE10, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Apple Safari.
Webix Uploader can be a part of an eye-catching web app that will correctly run on touch devices (iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows RT). This Webix widget supports touch events and can be customized to the perfect display on small size screens.
Webix Uploader
Webix Uploader
Version 1.3
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